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Home Independence Solutions

What we do – To help you age in place

We work with you and our network of building professionals insuring that you have the mobility, independence and safety while living at home.

We know from experience that many seniors would like to age in place–to live at home for as long as they can. It's important to them to be connected with their friends and family.

To this end, we work with you to identify obstacles or challenges that you may face at home and recommend solutions to make these tasks easier and safer.

As an occupational therapist with a CAPS (certified aging in place specialist) certification working with the aging population, I am dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones at home despite challenges that may arise.

Occupational therapists are unique medical professionals skilled in assessing how people interact and function within their home environment. We are experts in evaluating a client’s current function for performing daily routines and activities, as well as the barriers limiting their safety and function to participate. Using a client-centered and holistic approach, we provide solutions to overcome obstacles that are limiting your well-being at home.


How we do it – Keeping Seniors at Home

We’ll start off with a short phone conversation about you or your loved one’s current status, for example, a discharge from a hospital, recent fall, a decline in function, etc.

More times than not, we receive referrals from loved ones who are looking to do whatever they can to keep a loved one home for as long as possible, despite current or potential future challenges. This is where our services come to light.

As occupational therapists, the next step is to evaluate you or your loved one and how they perform daily tasks at home. Often, we’re able to make low to no cost recommendations on the spot, so have your pen and paper handy.

If the solutions are more involved, such as home modifications (grab bars, stairlift, elevator, bathroom remodel, etc.) we will discuss this with you and the scope of the project as it relates to your current and future needs.

We have partnerships with contractors who are very versed in this field and can provide us with estimates and information.

What it means to you – Keeping Seniors safe at home

Simply put, you cannot put a value on you or your loved one’s well-being. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  1. One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year.
  2. And every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; and every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.
  3. In fact, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults.

We’re here to help you stay at home and use our medical and clinical expertise as our platform. 

Home Independence Solutions provides you with value-added services aimed at providing home assessments and solutions to everyday barriers, limiting stress and anxiety often associated with major life transitions and decisions associated with home safety, mobility, function, and care.

We assist you in your communications with construction companies regarding home modifications. Serving as a major advocate to ensure all work done is appropriate with design and building materials specific to your needs and well-being.


Home Independence Solutions


"I was referred to Home Independence Solutions and called Kyle to express how I needed a better, more accessible way to improve the accessibility for my mother who I caretaker for. From the start of the phone conversation, Kyle was extremely knowledgeable and listened to all of my concerns as my mother could not safely egress/ingress on her own.

Kyle worked around my schedule to arrive and greet my mother who took a liking to him and began immediately looking at the entry points. I was initially thinking about purchasing an aluminum ramp in the front yard of our home, but I was concerned about the look of it in our development and Kyle convinced me if I were willing to explore another alternative, one that would allow me to not have to keep up with exterior ramp maintenance, slippery surface when wet, etc.

He discussed how a vertical platform lift in the garage may be the best option and the more he spoke of this device, the more I couldn’t agree more. This was the first time I’ve heard of such a device, but after he showed me what and how it works, I was sold. After speaking with my mom, we both knew we needed to purchase this device to keep her home safely. Kyle connected me with a trusted local company who installed the VPL soon after and within our budget! We couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative with his service and insight.”

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