Helping you stay in your home

As a medical professional, I am able to provide highly individualized needs assessment of clients as they engage their home environment.  Once barriers or potential obstacles are noted, I recommend safe and effective recommendations that are warranted to promote your safety and independence.

It’s important that I understand how you live at home, the things you like to do and how you move around your home. I’ll learn about your difficulty levels and how to help make those a little easier.

Our services include:

Providing home assessments specific to the client for current and future needs.

We start out by inspecting the areas of your home and where modifications might be needed. It can be as simple as recommending fixtures or changes to a room’s configuration. We’ll let you know what issues are more important to deal with.

Unlike other companies, we are not here to pitch our sales of products within our inventory, but rather providing neutral/unbiased solutions with your safety and function at its core.

Recommending and demonstrating techniques that make daily activities possible and more accessible.

We are experts in observing how you or your loved one interacts within their environment and showcase our skills by providing solutions to any difficulties hindering participation or safety. We look at how a person performs daily tasks in the home holistically, such as accessing the bathroom or preparing a meal.

As we observe, we break down the task into smaller components, known as task analysis. This helps us define the person’s strengths, limitations, and barriers to achieving their tasks and can provide solutions, often, right on the spot towards greatest achievement and satisfaction associated with completion of daily routines.

Residential and commercial inspections for improved accessibility, fall risk prevention, and ADA compliance

Accessibility, fall prevention, and mobility are paramount in either a home or business setting, ensuring all occupants can safely navigate their environment to the greatest extent possible. Whether you’re a restaurant owner concerned about your bathroom and if it’s configuration is wheelchair accessible. Or a homeowner having difficulty accessing your second floor, we can provide insight and solutions to meet your needs.

As you may know, there are select codes for minimum standards set forth by the ADA (for example, door widths should be a minimum of 32” wide), however, some clients may need to exceed specific guidelines depending on a variety of individual factors. We work closely with these codes and determine where minimum code requirements are permitted vs. instances when these codes may need to be exceeded to meet the demand of the consumer, saving time and resources for unwanted mistakes.

Collaboration with home improvement companies to develop a build plan or modification(s) specific to the needs of the individual or household.

After the home assessment and if home modifications are warranted by the homeowner, we have cultivated a network of trusted professionals with the trades to bring solutions to life.

Whether it’s as simple as looking to find a reputable company to install a grab bar in a shower or completely renovating a bathroom, we have hand-selected the right people for the job. From fiberglass tub cut-outs to over-head ceiling lifts and everything in-between, we have your needs covered.

Depending on the scope of the modification, we will provide you a professional from our network to perform all recommendations the consumer has in mind and within budget to the highest satisfaction and workmanship possible.

We work together to ensure all recommendations meet the needs of the consumer and review the home assessment findings. We are advocates working with you and the contractor from start to finish throughout the process, making sure recommendations, materials, and design is client driven and budget friendly.

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